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Meet us

Living in the South with dreams of the West, Cactus + Bones was an idea I had long ago after discovering my love of weaving, crafting + strong desire for D.I.Y. Several years + creative ventures later I decided to take my pent up creative energy + place it into my first lil' shop. 

After meeting Hanna in 2012 our friendship quickly flourished on late night meet ups to finish yarn projects + discussing the importance of working with our hands. After some convincing Hanna made this solo project a tight team, where she now fills the shop with her own weaves, statement banners and other handmade goods.

Each item is handmade and promised to add extra authenticity to any space. 

- Kayleigh Hope Denner



Contact+ Custom Order Requests

We create custom hand woven wall weaves in 1-4 weeks depending on size and fibers. Please e-mail kayleighdenner@gmail.com or visit our SHOP and select "Request Custom Order" on the left hand side to get started! Take a glance through our portfolio or "items sold" to get an idea of the aesthetic and feel you'd like for your piece. Feel free to send additional inspiration photos for color/texture ideas. Please do not send other artist's work; copycats aren't cool. 

Home Studio located in
Little Five Points
Atlanta, GA

Will ship nationwide